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Rifle sling for safe and convenient transport

To carry your rifle easily and safely, you need special rifle straps. The rifle must not restrict your movements, especially when hunting or sport shooting. Quickly putting on and taking off the weapon determines the success of your mission. With a rifle sling, you can easily carry your rifle on your shoulder or back and keep your hands free for everything else. Choose the right one for you from the various rifle belts. Here you can find out what to look for when buying. Order rifle sling online now!

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About gun slings: 

Apart from different materials and manufacturers, gun slings differ in their functions. Depending on the field of application or preferred functionality, there are various rifle slings on the market. The most common models are the 1-point, 2-point and 3-point sling. Below you can find out how they differ, their advantages and disadvantages.


1-point sling

This sling is attached to the weapon at one point - usually further back, at the transition to the shoulder rest. Depending on the version, the front part of the sling is made of a rubber material that gives the wearer more flexibility when moving the weapon. The advantage of the 1-point carrying strap is the quick change of attachment from left to right. The disadvantage, however, is that the weapon hangs rather loosely on the body due to the 1-point fixation and bothers the wearer if he releases the weapon.


2-point sling

The great advantage of this rifle sling is that it can be conveniently carried on the body without the weapon getting in the way of the wearer. Fixed at two points, the rifle lies crosswise on the body and does not wobble around. The weapon can be brought from the stop to the back and reverse in one movement, which is an advantage in a driven hunt. The hunter has the hunting weapon at hand quickly. Additionally there are the 2-point slings available, with quickly adjustable lengths using drawstrings. In this way, the weapon is drawn to the body in no time and adapted to the Situation.


3-point sling

This rifle sling is characterized by the fact that it can be converted from a 2-point sling to a 1-point sling. The length adjustment allows the user to adjust the carrying strap quickly in order to take aim of the weapon or to switch from left to right. As a 2-point sling, you can simply shoulder your weapon or carry it on your back. You have the freedom to choose what is more convenient for you.

All weapon straps can be detached from the weapon using a quick-release fastener. Discover which rifle sling is best suited for your purposes. Order your gun sling online now!


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We offer you a wide selection of different carrying slings for different needs. All our products are manufactured and tested according to the highest quality standards and bear the Made in Germany seal of quality. The materials we use are carefully selected and most of the straps are made by hand. Out of conviction, we give a 5-year guarantee on our workmanship.

The rifle slings are supplied without rifle hooks and sling swivels. These are available in accessories for rifle slings. All of our slings are MOLLE compatible. Discover more hunting and shooting accessories for your outdoor excursion and treat yourself to the equipment you need for a successful hunt. Our professional service staff will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have about our product range, as well as shipping and payment options. Order your equipment from the professionals. We look forward to your inquiry. Buy gun slings online at md-textil now!