Tactical Gear

Here you will find chest rigs, modular belts such as the MGS modular belt, weapon belts, safety lines and carabiners, or the combat application tourniquet from our medical equipment.

Ballistic protection equipment

Ballistic protective equipment - safety for sport shooters and...

Modular Pouches

Here you can find PALS + / Molle compatible bags A larger...

Battle Belts

Battle belts for tactical use Whether for sport shooting,...

MEDIC Equipment

In this category you will find products for tactical wound care,...

Weapon Slings

Rifle sling for safe and convenient transport To carry your...

Weapon Sling Adapter

Here you will find various weapon sling adapters for combining...

Kydex Frame Plate Carrier & Accessories

Here you will find plate carriers and accessories made of Kydex....

Tactical Car Accessories

Here you will find our modular, Molle compatible vehicle panels....

md-textil Jed Belt Hybrid

md-textil Jed Belt Hybrid

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HK Hook Cover

HK Hook Cover

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Trauma IFAK inside pocket

Trauma IFAK inside pocket

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Trauma IFAK outer shell

Trauma IFAK outer shell

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Multicaliber Magazine Pouch

Multicaliber Magazine Pouch

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Trauma IFAK

Trauma IFAK

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