In this category you can find our wide range of patches. In addition to the popular troop patches of Bundeswehr or the police, you will also find popular logos here that are available as patches.

In addition to the large selection of different patches, we also have high-quality magnetic signs that are suitable for attaching to cars.

Be inspired by the wide range of products and find the right patch for your needs!

Lasercut & Reflexion Patches

  This kind of Patches is above all...


  The leather patches are primarly...

Rubber- and embroidered patches

  Our rubber- and embroidered patches are...

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are one kind of patches, but they are used in...

DEU Flag IRR Patch

DEU Flag IRR Patch

19,95 € *
86 Piece In stock
Call Sign IRR Patch

Call Sign IRR Patch

22,99 € *
Available now!
Doing the right #dingetun Patch

Doing the right #dingetun Patch

starting from 10,00 € *
item not available
md-textil Magnetschild Zahnausfall

md-textil Magnetschild "Zahnausfall"

9,09 € *
15 Piece In stock
Magnetschild Zahnausfall Grundfarbe Schwarz

Magnetschild "Zahnausfall" Grundfarbe Schwarz

9,09 € *
15 Piece In stock
md-textil reflective patch Medic Cross

md-textil reflective patch "Medic Cross"

4,50 € *
69 Piece In stock