Ballistic protection equipment

Ballistic protective equipment - safety for sport shooters and authorities

Anyone who risks getting into dangerous situations through the use of weapons, either professionally or as a hobby, is well advised to wear robust protective equipment. Ballistic protective vests and plate carriers with the associated protective plates are often vital measures for their wearers, for example in police operations, military exercises or even when hunting. If a shot is fired carelessly, protective vests, for example, can protect vital organs from injury. Discover with us high-quality products for risk prevention such as the Combat Application Tourniquet from our extensive medical equipment. Order ballistic protective equipment online now!



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What does ballistic protective equipment include?

Depending on the hazardous situation and the place of use, a decision must be made as to which protective equipment is sufficient or suitable. Ballistic protective equipment includes a bulletproof vest, a helmet, groin protection and collar protection. These components protect the most important areas of the body which, if exposed, can cause life-threatening injuries.

However, ballistic protective vests do not automatically protect against stabs. There are also vests to protect against splinters and punctures that do not protect against projectiles. For the wearer, this means that before choosing equipment, it must be determined in advance what dangers one might face and against which to hedge. What the protective clothing can withstand is determined by standards during manufacture. What you need to look out for when making a purchase is explained below. Order your ballistic protective equipment online now!


What ist the point in a ballistic protective vest?

A bulletproof body armor should prevent a projectile from penetrating. The energy of the projectile is distributed over the surface of the protective plate and thus slowed down. The projectile gets stuck in the vest and usually deforms it. This also means that the wearer does not suffer a fatal injury, but cannot avoid bruising, fractures or lacerations.


Protection categories

Bulletproof vests are divided into protection categories. In Germany they are:

SK 1 and Level IIIA

SK 2

SK 3 and Level III

SK 4 and Level IV

The first two protect against handgun projectiles, the last two against rifle projectiles. For use within Germany, SK 1 and 2 are usually sufficient. In crisis and war regions, SK 3 or 4 is recommended.



Another important point to consider is the fit of the protective vest. In order not to restrict freedom of movement, the vest must not sit too high or too low. Otherwise, the fixed protective plates are a nuisance when sitting down and can push uncomfortably up to the neck during fast bending movements. It is essential to avoid this. Hook and loop fasteners are the best way to lock a vest in place and adjust it to the body. Designed as tightly as possible, the protective vest offers the best wearing comfort and is less noticeable in undercover investigations.



Police officers and soldiers must be able to move quickly in an emergency. Every gram they save on their protective gear contributes to comfort. A bulletproof vest can weigh several kilos, depending on the protection class. Latest models are made of lighter materials. When buying, make sure that your protective clothing does not put you under any major restrictions. Before you buy, find out more about the products and get advice. Buy your ballistic protective equipment from md-Textil now!

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