Combat Application Tourniquet® (CAT)

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Product information "Combat Application Tourniquet® (CAT)"

CAT ™ tourniquet

The Combat Application Tourniquet® or simply CAT is a one-hand tying system for congestion or brief interruption of the blood flow in emergency situations, especially in the tactical care of the wounded. The tourniquet can be attached to all extremities using an individually adjustable strap. The winding system (band with toggle) stretches a freely movable inner band in order to prevent the flow of arterial blood into the extremity. All that is needed to fix the toggle under a clamp is a handle. The CAT ™ 's Velcro fastener provides additional security during transport.

Tourniquet instructions The tourniquet can also be put on with one hand in an emergency.

1. Open the CAT ™ so that the belt forms an O-shaped loop. Then place the CAT ™ over the bleeding in the direction of the trunk. To do this, guide the injured extremity through the O-shaped loop of the Velcro tape.

2. Pull the strap so tight that no more than two fingertips can fit between the tourniquet and the extremity. Then firmly connect the Velcro surfaces together.

3. Now turn the toggle until the bleeding stops and the pulse can no longer be felt below the wound site.

4. Secure the toggle under the clamp hook. Check the bleeding and pulse again - if necessary, increase the pressure by turning the toggle further.

5. Now place the end of the belt over the toggle and clamping hook and fix both with the safety Velcro. Then, if possible, write down the time of attachment.

Buying a CAT Tourniquet - what is important?

Regardless of whether for operational first aid or emergency rescue, when buying the CAT Tourniquet, keep in mind that the system may only be used by trained personnel and in life-threatening emergency situations - and that other rescue measures such as a pressure bandage do not promise success. Traumatic amputations can be a purpose.

Due to the intended use, please also pay attention to the certified manufacturer's certificate when purchasing a tourniquet. Low-quality plagiarism may not be able to build up the necessary pressure, loosen up or tear. Do not endanger the life that you are trying to save.

Combat Application Tourniquet in operational first aid According to the current research situation, there are indications according to the ERC that the use of binding systems (tourniquets) can be useful in the case of severe injuries with heavy blood loss. If a company has decided to introduce binding systems into operational first aid due to the particular risk situation, its use must be instructed and practiced regularly. "(Source: DGUV - First Aid Department / May 2017)

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